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Who We Are

We are a black owned company with the mission of supporting and educating all communities on the possibilities of unity.

Why We Do This

At Jamii Apparel and Gifts, we are focused on changing the negative narrative of African-Americans and all people of color. We are focused on showing the positive side of cultures in order to educate the world on what it is to be a person of color. We believe people of color have a lot to offer and with our products, we all can highlight the positives to outweigh the negative stigmas. By displaying celebrations, family gatherings, and corporate events, we can help the rest of the world recognize how Amazing people of color are. As a community, we need to live in unity.


What We Stand For

Jamii Apparel and Gifts stands for all people that have been discriminated against because of negative stereotypes. Through education, we hope to create a better understanding of cultures to strengthen and create a stronger community.


What We Do

We create custom items that make any occasion special. By sharing these golden moments, we ae actually helping others understand each other’s culture.

How We Do It

Our products are designed to Wow. We are dedicated to creating positive experiences with our wide selection of customizable items.

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